About dRoux. CLOTHING

For Dario, the label's founder dRoux. CLOTHING , it was the greatest desire for children to have a dog by their side one day. In 2016 he found his dog Samba through an advertisement from an animal shelter. Since then, the two have been inseparable. #partnerincrime

Samba originally comes from Hungary, where she was found as an abandoned puppy on the street and, luckily, was brought to an animal shelter. This home is run by the charityanimal-happy supported. On their homepage Dario discovered Samba it was love at first sight .. #loveatfirstsightt

Charities likeanimal-happy it is often missing in every nook and cranny. With the little that is available to them, they support animal shelters in poor countries. Among other things, with food, collars and everything that is needed for the maintenance of the abandoned animals. The whole thing is largely financed through donations.

Anyone who has ever established a relationship with an animal knows how much it is worth. Animals are the most loyal companions we can imagine. They are always there for you, support you in bad times, multiply the joy in good times. A friendship for life.

Samba has also more than enriched Dario's life. She has been with him every step of the way since 2016. Samba was also there when Dario lost his heart to the dog owner Lara and her beagle male Nando. The long walks for four, the intensive conversations and lots of laughs soon made the four of them a team of a family. The family happiness was complete with their daughter. The little one cuddled with her two dog friends before she could leave. The smile on your face and the care your four-legged friends show for your child show every day that little is as real and honest as a dog's love..

It is precisely these relationships between humans and animals that make our world a better place. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of supporting such organizations.

dRoux. CLOTHING donates part of the proceeds to an aid organization that rescues dogs in need. With every item sold, a dog in an animal shelter is cared for for a whole day.

"Thanks Samba, you made my life even better!"